• ADCAN’s primary aims are to see all our in-house developments fully licensed, at the same time as supplying the highest quality finished products. To help us in this ambition, we collaborate closely with all major European generic pharmaceutical companies.

Interested In

  • Partnerships and investments
    Distribution agreements
    Licensing and technology transfer

We Offer

  • Licensing developed dossiers
    Manufacturing in GMP environment
    Laboratory research
    Product Development

Research and Development

  • Research and development is central to everything we do. We strongly believe that it is only through extensive in-depth research that we will be able to design , manufacture and deliver the highest quality products, and with this in mind, we invest heavily in state of the art equipment at our Quality by Design (QbD) facilities. By rigorously applying QRM principles and seeing that we are fully aware of global requirements, we ensure that high quality is built in to the products we manufacture.
  • Through research and development, we gain greater control over our supply chains and are better able to select the high-grade raw materials and container closure systems which are vital to crafting a product of the highest quality. Our research also means we are ideally positioned to select accredited CROs to test our proposed commercial formulations in bioequivalence studies, ensuring we have ever greater control over improvements in the development process, throughout products life-cycles
  • Our Research and Development team identifies critical formulation attributes that in turn speed up the manufacturing process, making it safer and more efficient. By testing the efficacy of the components and equipment used in the creation of our pharmaceuticals, allows us to offer assurances that the products not only meet, but exceed the international standards set by the industry

Sales and Marketing

  • ADCAN already has a firm footing in the United Arab Emirates, and with the help of regional partners is actively expanding into other countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe and the United States. ADCAN’s highly qualified Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain team is always ready to meet the demand of new customers, both in our home markets and overseas.
ADCAN’s highly experienced business team is always available to guide you through the range of services and products we provide or currently have under development.

With our results-driven strategy, integrated approach and constant drive to improve the services we offer, we are always open to new business opportunities.