Manufacturing Site

ADCAN operates a state of the art manufacturing facility, strategically located in the ICAD III area of Abu Dhabi. With a Total Area of 32,800 m2 and a total built up area is 12,000 m2, this vast manufacturing site consists of two main units.
Low Potent Pharmaceuticals (LP):Specialized general solid dosage forms unit (Tablets and Capsules)
High Potent Pharmaceuticals (HP):Oral & Injectable oncology products unit
Not only does our site accomadate for a large warehouse, it also includes a series of laboratories and technical areas, where the most advanced machines and utilities are used in our research and development programmes.


Our spacious warehouse has the capacity to hold 1,700 pallets on a GMP racking system. As well as a material air shower for all incoming shipments, the warehouse also houses a sampling area and innovative pneumatic tubing system. This tubing system has been specially designed to transport samples from the sampling area to the quality control facilities, and vice versa, enabling swifter test results to determine whether there is a need for quarantining of stock.

Production Area

Control of our production and distribution chains is critical to ensuring the safety and quality of the products we supply to our patients, which is why our state of the art production areas are so central to ADCAN’s work. Our oral solid dosage plant consists of an integrated granulation suite and integrated blister packaging line, which together produce our oral solid products.

Through sophisticated processes and controls, our fully closed systems, recipe management and strictly limited human intervention mean that we greatly reduce the risk of contamination. Added to this, automated cleaning to avoid cross-contamination and smart in-process control systems mean a consistent, safe and higher quality production line.